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Books and book chapters


K. Buza (2011): Fusion Methods for Time Series Classification,
Peter Lang Verlag,
ISBN: 978-3631630853
You can purchase it at amazon.de or download from the University of Hildesheim.


S. Blohm, K. Buza, P. Cimiano, L. Schmidt-Thieme (2011): Relation Extraction for the Semantic Web with Taxonomic Sequential Patterns,
In: V. Sugumaran and J.A. Gulla (eds.), Applied Semantic Web Technologies, CRC Press, Taylor&Francis Group.
You can purchase it at amazon.com.


F. Bodon, K. Buza (2013):
Adatbányászat [Data Mining]
Electronic textbook in Hungarian


N. Tomasev, K. Buza, K. Marussy, P.B. Kis (2015): Hubness-aware Classification, Instance Selection and Feature Construction: Survey and Extensions to Time-Series In: U. Stanczyk, L. Jain (eds.), Feature selection for data and pattern recognition, Springer-Verlag.
The original publication is available at www.springerlink.com.

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