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What is biointelligence?

With biointelligence we mean the intersection of machine learning with biology and medicine. We focuse on developing and adapting machine learning approaches for biomedical and biometric data. This includes classification of time series (ECG, EEG, other biometric signals), recognition tasks related to imaging data (x-ray, fMRI) and the analysis of biomedical networks (e.g. interaction prediction, community detection).

Who are we?

An informal group of researchers and students, most of us is somehow affiliated with the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania.

What is on the biointelligence page?

Conference papers, presentations, posters, related software (source codes), lecture slides (including slides used in university courses), videos about our work, etc.


You may join our facebook group.


Dr. Krisztian Buza
e-mail: buza (at) biointelligence (dot) hu
phone: +36 20 926 8750